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New publications and CD releases



Physicist Tony Rothman has published a book documenting and debunking the stories of famous discoveries in the sciences. One entertaining chapter is devoted to the history of George Antheil and Hedy Lamarr's patent.

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DSSQ has finished recording the complete quartets of George
Antheil and are in the editing phase of the process. The upcoming CD will be on
the Other Minds (OM) label. This project is being funded in part by the
Aaron Copland Fund in New York. Bob Shumacher is the engineer and the
recording was done at Bay Records, with producer Charles Amirkhanian from Other
Minds. We also had help from composer/violist Mark Fish. Thanks to all who
have helped to support this project!

For more detailed information:

Piano Concerti Premieres

The Antheil First Piano Concerto was premiered March 5, 2001. The pianist was Michael Rische with the BBC Symphony, Grant Llewellyn conducting.

The Antheil Second Piano Concerto, not performed since single concerts in 1927 and 1976, was re-premiered on Feburary 4th, 2001, with the Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra, Guy Livingston pianist, Ed Spanjaard, conductor.

About the Concerti


Michael Rische


Guy Livingston

New Film

Ballet mécanique expert and Antheil fan Paul Lehrman has created a 70-minute film documenting the development of the Ballet mécanique. View the site for more information. The result is excellent!

All-Antheil Afternoon

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts and Guy Livingston present an ongoing series (one concert each year) of known and unknown works of George Antheil. The performance draw upon the impressive collection of scores and manuscripts in the NYPL archives, and have featured several premieres.
New York City: NYPL at 40, Lincoln Center Plaza. Next concert on January 31st, 2004.

American Mavericks

This festival took place on June 11th, 2000, in San Francisco, at San Francisco's Davies Hall
Concert included Ballet Mécanique, conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas.
Official information about the concert is at

Read the ParisTransatlantic Magazine review of the Antheil events in this festival.

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The conference at CNMAT at Univ. of California Berkeley on June 6th, 2001.
Included a presentation by Paul Lehrman.

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Les Amis de George Antheil and the Composers Guild of New Jersey jointly presented a festival in Princeton and Trenton, devoted to the life and music of George Antheil. March 21st - 23rd, 2003.

Click for Festival documentation and press articles...

The Bad Boy of Music Returns!

The George Antheil Centennial in San Francisco took place in May/June 2000

Schedule of events


May 15 - June 30
George Antheil Centennial:
100 Years of the Bad Boy of Music
An exhibit of scores, letters, and
journals from
the collection of the Main Library
and the
George Antheil archives
San Francisco Main Library
Larkin and Grove Streets

Radio Broadcast

Friday, June 9
10 am - 12 pm
Charles Amirkhanian on George
Interview with Sarah Cahill
KPFA 94.1 mhz

Film and Panel Discussion

Saturday, June 10
2 pm
Film Presentation: The Bad Boy of
Music (2000). U.S. premiere of a

45-minute documentary on George
Antheil by German filmmaker
Michael Meert. Produced by TV 2000.
Panel Discussion: "Sirens,Doorbells,
Propellers: Antheil and the Birth
of American
Musical Modernism "
Featuring: Charles Amirkhanian,
noted Antheil
expert; Benjamin Lees, composer
and former
student of Antheil; Paul Lehrman,
arranger of the
newly realized version of Ballet
Mécanique; and David Raksin,
renowned Hollywood film
San Francisco Main Library
Larkin and Grove Streets
Free admission.


Sunday, June 11
The Bad Boy of Music: The World of
George Antheil
American Mavericks Festival
Presented by the San Francisco
Symphony in
cooperation with Other Minds
Louise Davies Symphony Hall

Concert: 7 pm
Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor
Featuring world premiere of the
accurate, original version of
Ballet Mécanique
with 16 automatic pianos, along
with other works
Members of the San Francisco
Memorabilia from the George
Antheil archives on view in the
lobby of Davies Hall
For concert information &tickets call Symphony box office at 415/864-6000 or visit
Other Minds home page
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Centenaire à Paris/Paris Centennial

This Conference and Concert in Paris, took place on May 28th, at 8 pm
Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris (15 Boulevard Jourdan) France
sponsored by Paris Transatlantic Magazine and
Les Amis de George Antheil
Mary E. Davis (Harvard, Case Western Reserve)
Christopher Elson (Dalhousie University)

Guy Livingston, pianist
Stephane Leach, pianist
Bremner Duthie, baritone.


Second Sonata “The Airplane” (1921) pour piano

“La vie de George Antheil” présentée par Guy Livingston
Table Ronde animée par Mary E. Davis
‘Five Songs to Poems by Adelaide Crapsey’ (1919-20)
November Night
Suzanna and the Elders
Fate Defied
The Warning

‘Dawn in Avila’, du film The Pride and the Passion (1957)


“La Musique de George Antheil” présenté par Guy Livingston
illustrée avec des extraits du Concerto pour Piano (1922)

Table Ronde animée par Christopher Elson

‘Suite for Piano Four Hands’ (1922)
Grand march, Gold braid, and wooden leg
One violin lesson for two pianists
As I remember my aunt
Policeman turns detective
The fireman's ball
Vaudeville hookey
Italian grocery calendar
The dastardly Spaniard
Romance from a forbidden novel
The delightfully mad señorita


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CD releases

The recording from the Lowell concert and sessions of the Ballet Mécanique is available on the EMF label. It can be ordered from Paul Lehrman's site, at or from and

OtherMinds has released a fascinating 2-CD set of words and music of George Antheil, including Antheil himself at the piano. Charles Amirkhanian, the producer of this disc, writes:
"Western Europe, the birthplace of what we call
'classical music,' woke up to the fact that the U.S.
could make an impact in the field, not through
George Gershwin or Aaron Copland, but through
the name of George Antheil—the first truly modern
U.S.-born composer to have any significant impact
internationally. One hundred years after his birth,
Antheil's music and career are beginning again to
attract international attention. His provocative music
was a reflection of an adventure-filled life, and it
rewards serious attention."
This disc can be ordered from the OtherMinds site.

Wergo Records presents a new CD of the piano sonatas, sponsored by the Composers Guild of New Jersey and including 3 previously unrecorded works. Le Monde described Guy Livingston's performance as 'dazzling.' Livingston is the director of Les Amis de George Antheil.

This disc is already available in Europe and can be ordered from and from harmonia mundi. U.S. release is scheduled for January 2004.







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Photo courtesy of the Henry Antheil family: taken circa 1910. This pictures Henry, Violet, Grandma Antheil, Alice, and George, nattily dressed in hat and tie. They are shown at the farm near Trenton where the cousins spent most of their summers.